Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Notes on the Chancers

There's a slight delay in the Chancer Project due to Myself and Jenny being unable to meet up for the pass few days and Easter getting so close. After some consideration I have asked myself the following questions so as to help move matters along and get a secure story line and will discuss them further with Jenny when the opportunity arises:

When and how did the Chancers begin?
- After WW2? Was that why they stopped free will?

Should they have a specific goal?
- World Peace?
-Satisfying a human's life
- Preventing Violence?

What happens to a Chancer if he gets fired?
- become human?
-lose powers?
- Does this mean that Chancer's aren't human in the first place? What makes them inhuman?

Is there a higher power over the Chancers? A High Chancer?

What is Roger's resolution at the end of the story?

What is Darren's biggest fear at the beginning and the end of the story?

What is the most important factor of the story?

And last but not least: DO NOT LET IT TURN INTO MONSTERS INC!

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