Monday, 10 May 2010

May Update!

Update on the Chancers project!

Firstly I found some lovely stuff on a blog called
which has a variety of design styles. It leads me on to looking at the designs for the film 'How to Train Your Dragon' which was a beautifully made movie, and I'd reccomend anyone to go see it.

On the Chancer front, as it's now known officially, we did a presentation the other day and it went amazingly well! I personally wished I had been able to talk more on my other projects, but the story pitch of the Chancer project sold really well to our audience of our classmates and our tutor.

Here is some of the resources we used and you haven't seen before! Including new characters and an update on the plot so we know what's going on! ^^

Here is the Premise finally decided:

Darren Rhodes is a Chancer; and he loathes his job.

It used to be very challenging taking care of the decisions of influential human clients across the country as a personified conscience. One bad choice however, led to his demotion to the Bristol branch, and being left to take care of Jackie Sharp. A confident eleven year old girl who's decisions are minute in comparison to his predecessors.

This documents the day where the first person in acknowledgeable history gains free will from their Chancer...and by so being, Darren and Jackie have a lot of running and hiding to do and in the process form a special friendship.

Here is a Picture of Darren and Jackie used for the presentation drawn by myself.

Here is the presentation slide about Aimee, Jenny's character; she's Darren's best friend and despite knowing him well wants to get him out of the rut that he got himself stuck into in his job.

Jackie Sharp, tidied up for the Pitch, as her character design has changed quite a bit.

Some new and old sketches of Darren

We decided that the story should be set in Bristol to help us with our environments and this is the reference pictures we've taken.

Another of Jenny's brilliant inclusions to the story, here is Vincent and Roger, though already in the story, they're personality and plot has been greatly fleshed out. Vincent being a power hungry security chief and his dopey son who's eager to please him, and there's some more pictures of them below:

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