Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Meet Some of Our Cast!

So, Meet Darren Rhodes!

Main character of our story, Jenny Adam is to be working with me on the project, and have been working on this for the past week to get it up to par, and we're finally getting through random ideas, to actual themes, story arc's and so on and has developed since our last blog.

Darren Rhodes is a Chancer, what is better described as a human conscience. His job is, when assigned to a human client, to help them make drastic or mandatory decisions throughout the day. A chancer looks like you or me, but with the help of a mirror that thereby gives them a window into a human's life style, Darren helps determine your fate.

In his story, he gets demoted from his job, where he by had quite a few clients an all of them being important human clients, firemen, doctors, teachers and parents of future important spokesman for the world, until one day he made a terrible mistake. In turn, this gives him the most boring job imaginable to a young man of twenty.

He had to help an eleven year old make decisions, and needless to say they're not very interesting.

Purple is the colour of a 'Chancer' and all of the characters related to the job in question will wear a similar style of clothing, but will always keep with the colour. It is how Chancer's recognize each other.


This is our other main character, the little girl that Darren has to take care of. She's spunky and rebellious, but has an insecure core which is why a lot of her decisions are so mild and uninteresting to Darren and after a moment with another chancer, it means that her and Darren are stuck together for a small period of time, if Darren doesn't leave an influence when the time is up, he gets fired, and her life could be ruined in the process.

More Jackie Sketches:

Mr Rhodes. Darren's Boss and Father:

A bubbly loud man who own's Chancer's Incorporated, a very big company, which Darren sees as a family business. He's a bachelor (he and his wife divorced a number of years ago) and enjoys flirting with anything that moves. He loves his boy Darren, who is always embarrassed by his presence, even if he is his boss.

Mr Rhodes however, has not complete control of the 'Chancer's jobs, considering it's influence, there's a slightly higher power that forces him to demote his son and put the pressure on him to complete his task.

Darren with his father, and he doesn't look pleased does he?

We still have three more characters to introduce! I hope you like them!

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