Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Monster Project!!!

Just to let people know that I'm doing another project along side this one which you can acess here!
Monster Project.

On this blog you will see the developing stages of the animation idea that was created by the following students: Bonnie, Cait, Laura, Will, Jack and Matt and will be made with a variety of companies in relation to the Sharp Shotz Animation Competition, University of the West of England, and Aardman Animations.

The story is that of an average student called Joe, who finds himself in the struggles and affect of what happens when you drink over your limit with some monstrous results!

I will be uploading the story board, animatic, character designs and so forth here for the students approval. The deadline for this project is the end of June 2010 and will count a slight percentage of my project.

Also, I have made a link for this account to access what we're calling the 'Chancers' Project with the following pic:

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